Teeth in One Day

Teeth in One Day

There are many reasons tooth loss occurs. It could be because of mouth trauma, gum problems or pre-existing jaw conditions, or it can be plain old wear and tear. In other words: aging. Dr. Berzin has almost 20 years of experience in restoring freedom and confidence to patients of all ages. Would you love to eat and laugh without worry? Do you have grandchildren to keep up with and share your smiles with? Enjoy these experiences to the fullest, let Dr. Berzin give you strong, natural-looking teeth and a beautiful new smile.

What to Expect

Dr. Berzin is committed to providing a comfortable, comprehensive, and entirely personalized approach for every patient.

A lot of factors are considered when it comes to dental implants. Considering overall general oral health, gum condition, bone density and existing teeth, no two patients are the same. Your implant procedure will begin with a thorough consultation, examination and analysis with Dr. Berzin. He’ll determine if you’re suited to the one-day implant procedure. He will review the plan that would work best for you, including what to expect in terms of timeline and how many implants are necessary to fill out your smile to complete the one-day procedure.

For the surgery itself, Dr. Berzin strives for options that are minimally invasive and his extensive experience with sedation dentistry and anaesthesia will keep you comfortable while the implants are placed. Depending on what type of procedure you’re having, your mouth will be given time to heal around the implants and teeth will be attached to the implants to complete the one-day procedure.

Thorough Pre-Planning for Ease of Implant Placement

You know how only the tip of the iceberg is visible above sea-level? Well when you come in for placement of your dental implants, you’re only seeing a small amount of the work Dr. Berzin actually does to restore your strong, beautiful smile. By utilizing diagnostic and 3D cone beam CT scans, Dr. Berzin is able to pre-plan virtually every aspect of your specific procedure. This also helps to make your surgery minimally invasive.

Final Words

Dr. Berzin is able to map out the surgery on a specialized computer, create a surgical plan and order a surgical guide that is fitted exactly to your mouth, similar to a perfect-fit mouth guard, and predrilled to ensure precise implant placement. This advanced computer technology combined with Dr. Berzin’s knowledge, expertise and artistry creates the kind of smile that begs to be shown off in family photos. And it creates a strong, healthy mouth and teeth to once again enjoy eating all types of food, like a crunchy apple.

Benefits of Dental Implants