Zoom Whitening

What Is Zoom Whitening?

Zoom whitening is an effective bleaching procedure that can be used to lighten discoloration in teeth. Tooth discoloration can result from a variety of drinks and smoking as well. The aging process will stain your teeth and darken them. The Zoom Whitening technique, which uses 25 percent hydrogen peroxide, a special blue light accelerates the bleaching process. Hydrogen peroxide breaks down into oxygen, taken up by the tooth enamel and dentin to wash out the stained substances.

History of Zoom Whitening

The evolution of teeth-whitening can be traced back to ancient times. In 3000 B.C., people did not use toothbrushes but instead would use "chew sticks" to help clean their teeth. Individuals chewed on these small branches that scraped off the particles on their teeth.

Popular bleaching methods did not become popular until sometime in the late 1980s. According to Jean Arthur, a restorative and cosmetic dentist in Providence, R.I, dentists managed to come across the procedure somewhat by mistake a few decades ago. For years, peroxide had been used as an oral antiseptic solvent to treat gums; dentists found various ways to keep the gel on the gums longer. The treatment induced a side effect of which was that it whitened the teeth.

Who Can Avail Zoom Whitening?

The majority of people eventually experience some tooth discoloration and staining. Even if you drink tea, coffee, or red wine, stains from such beverages will linger over time. People may get discolored from smoking, chewing tobacco, taking some drugs, and having a dental injury. The existence of such chemicals and medicines is beyond our influence. Your tooth enamel thins as you age, giving you yellow teeth. In most cases, teeth whitening procedures will enhance your smile by restoring it to its former glory.

The best candidates for teeth whitening are healthy teeth that do not have fillings or restorations. The gums should also be healthy. People with yellowing teeth are likely to respond well to treatment. Teeth bleaching is not suitable for everybody. Certain people cannot get treatment safely or efficiently or are unable to afford it. The following kinds of patients are not advised to undergo the treatment:  

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. 
  • Individuals with dental implants, crowns, and dental bridges on their front teeth.
  • People under the age of 16.
  • Patients with multiple dental conditions, tooth decay, cavities, and roots exposed.
  • People allergic to highly active abrasive whitening agents, including peroxide.
  • Individuals with very sensitive teeth
  • Those with unrealistic ‘blinding white’ expectation for a result

How Zoom Whitening Works

When you visit our family dentist's office, we will examine your teeth and see if they can be worked on for cosmetic purposes. If you have tooth decay, cavities, or an infection, we want to handle this first, so you are safe and have no pain. After being cleared for the operation, you will undergo the following steps.

Step 1: Cleaning and Polishing

The dentist will clean the teeth, then polish them to ensure the whitening gel is being applied on clean teeth rather than on plaque accumulation. To keep the lips from becoming irritated, the dentist will add a unique lip balm." A retraction system would be inserted in one's mouth to assist in the processing of speech. Then, put the bite block in your mouth and place your tongue on the cup. You will be given a shade guide so that you can choose your teeth’ shade of whiteness.

Step 2: Application of the Whitening Solution

After taking pictures of your teeth, gauze will be put in your mouth, and a bib will be placed around your face while giving you eye protection to wear. This phase will require several minutes to ensure that only the teeth are being handled. Next, we will apply a salve to the gums. A preventive solution is applied to the teeth, followed by the whitening gel uniformly applied.

The dentist will use a special blue ight to activate the whitening solution on your teeth. First, we will inspect the teeth, reapply the whitening solution, and then clean away any access to ensure that the gumline's skin is not irritated. We polish your teeth until they are as bright and polished as you wanted them to be. Using the tooth whitening items every fifteen minutes helps us maintain the desired degree of teeth whiteness. Beauty is primarily in the beholder's mind, and no two people find identical objects desirable and beautiful. With that knowledge in mind, we aspire to offer your teeth' final shade that you are satisfied with.

Step 3: Finishing

Once all of the processes are done, we will wipe away any remaining gel, remove the gauze, and remove the protective barrier. We may also add a finishing product after the Zoom whitening process and take a photo so that you can compare your teeth before and after we have finished the procedure. You can complete the whole treatment in the time it takes for a lunch break so that you can have an enticing smile right away.

Zoom Whitening Benefits

Can Whiten Teeth At Home

If your dentist decides the tooth discoloration is severe, they might be able to send you some whitening supplies to attempt at home. If this is the case, a dentist can create a personalized whitening tray from your teeth’ impressions. Whitening teeth at home provides the most convenient opportunity to whiten your teeth while still ensuring proper teeth whitening.

Fast Results

Unlike at-home whitening, your dentist will significantly enhance your smile in just a few minutes. Zoom teeth whitening is a fast and effective treatment that can be integrated into a hectic schedule. We recommend speaking with your dentist about the prospect of Zoom whitening for your teeth.

If you have a tooth discoloration and it is not too visible, your dentist can recommend getting veneers or other cosmetic dentistry. For example, professional teeth whitening would not be the best option for discoloration induced by dental fluorosis (mottled teeth caused by excessive fluoride intake). On the other hand, dental veneers would cover the teeth’ fronts, which would help you smile and speak with confidence.

Occasionally, the dentist will use a whitening varnish to mask minor cosmetic tooth discoloration. Next, we will add a quick-drying sealant to your tooth. When 30 minutes have passed since the last varnish application, you will find that your teeth are visibly whiter.

Dramatic & Maintainable Results

The Zoom system enables teeth whitening results that can be as many as eight shades whiter within one hour of use. Also, we can provide at-home whitening trays to continue treatment in case of return of the staining. If, after treatment, you are unhappy with the outcomes, you can schedule a second appointment to obtain a better result.

Boosts Your Self Confidence

With zoom whitening, your confidence will increase dramatically. If you are at work, on a date, giving a presentation, or just walking down the street, white and shiny white teeth will stand out! Being whiter is also a sign of being responsible and doing something about your appearance. People will notice this!

Perfect For Sensitive Teeth

Do not let sensitive teeth deter you from having whiter teeth. Glen Park Dental's whitening gel and varnish are specially formulated chemically friendly to the teeth and gums. During the treatment, some patients might experience short flashes of pain, also known as 'zingers.' Regardless, many people would still go to great lengths to get whiter teeth. They will not mind the temporary discomfort during the procedure if it means instant whiter, better, and healthier-looking teeth! Also, consider that some people are more susceptible to pain than others. One person's experience with Zoom does not inherently speak to your experience with it.

If you plan to discontinue treatment, let the dentist and their healthcare team know. If you have sensitive teeth, we can work at a rate you are comfortable with. It gives you a sense of power over your lifestyle.

Safe & Painless Procedure

Some people are reluctant to get teeth whitening because of the potential sensitivity caused by the procedure. However, teeth whitening is a natural cosmetic operation. It is safe for the person performing the procedure , their instruments, and the patient's mouth, gums, and soft tissues. Proper physical and dental hygiene steps are taken before the operation, and a conversation with a dentist will decide whether this procedure is appropriate for you.

Call us today at Glen Park Dental to find out more about tooth whitening choices.

Quality Results

Zoom whitening procedures prove you get quality results, and after consulting your dentist, you can know the proper technique for you. Zoom bleaching is one of the most effective ways to whiten tooth enamel and dentin. The peroxide gel is added to the teeth at fixed times after the fluoride paste to relieve the tooth sensitivity. Zoom Whitening is such a standard option because it takes only about one to two hours and is very successful.

Zoom Whitening also has many advantages: it can eliminate some forms of gum inflammation and diseases . Aftercare,  patients will return for a follow-up assessment and will sometimes receive touch-up kits. Treatment is comfortable and entirely sufficient, providing people with a healthy and attractive smile they want to show off.

Zoom Whitening Enhances Your Appearance

While you have the best oral hygiene, you are not resistant to the harm caused by eating and drinking. Food and drinks like coffee and tea stain the teeth over time. After the correct whitening treatment, you will quickly find an improvement without having to change your appearance. The application of teeth whitening solutions will help eliminate staining from daily food and drinks.

Why Deal With Us

Patient-Centered Care Policy

To ensure that patient values are a driving influence in all clinical decisions and are sensitive to particular patient desires, needs, and values. Patients should be educated, listened to, supported, and treated with dignity by establishing a patient-centered environment. Glen Park Dental shares this vision and acknowledges that systemic wellness requires all patients' overall mental and physical well-being and their ability to work at their personal best as members of their family, community, and society. The treatment plan, guided by the patient's preferences and beliefs, cannot be executed without the patient/parent/family/active caregiver's participation in partnership with the staff, faculty, and students who may clarify the care possibilities created using the best evidence-based knowledge. The dental team will provide details relating to the advantages, risks, and alternatives to the prescribed course of treatment for the patient (to the extent possible).
Non-Discrimination & Diversity Policy

Our team will welcome every patient, regardless of their backgrounds or needs, and we pride ourselves in offering accessible oral health services to all.

Final Words

Stains on teeth are unavoidable. As a combination of various factors such as aging, wine, food, or smoking, most people experience tooth discolorations. In terms of prevention, you should take temporary measures to avoid stains, which can be erased with skilled treatment, at Glen Park Dental.

Skilled tooth whitening is the most commonly performed cosmetic dentistry procedure globally. Because of its more reliable, safe, more convenient, and less aggravating results than whitening with a store-bought kit, it is the most commonly performed cosmetic dentistry procedure in the country. Zoom whitening utilizes patented technologies to bleach eight colors for the limited period you are at our office. It is beneficial for people who want immediate results. Our teeth whitening method can bleach them six shades in just three nights.

If your teeth are stained and uncomfortable about it, see our dentist for remedies. Dr. Mehrzad Hakimi will be pleased to include Zoom Whitening options at your next appointment. To make an appointment for a tooth whitening consultation, please visit Glen Park Dental.

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