Pediatric Dentistry

Your child's mouth continuously develops through adulthood, thus needing constant dental care. It is crucial to identify impacted teeth and other similar dental problems early on to prevent them from turning into emergencies. With dental visits every 6 months, the dentist can identify any issues right away, and track your child’s dental development.

At Glen Park Dental, we offer your child extensive pediatric dental care from infancy through adolescence, and then can continue their care once they are an adult. Each member of your family can benefit from the services offered in our office. Contact us to book an appointment and let your child's journey to having a beautiful and healthy smile begin!

What is Pediatric Dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry is a specialty that provides fundamental and extensive preventive and curative oral health care, especially for children. Pediatric dentists treat various dental diseases among infants, toddlers, and adolescents, including those that need special health care. They take the responsibility to make patients feel as comfortable as possible and educate them and their parents on the importance of preventive oral health care and oral health in general.

When Should I Take My Child to the Dentist?

The best age for a child to have their first visit to the dentist is as early as one or two years old. Parents may feel this is too early, but many pieces of research show that children can start to get cavities at a young age. If you wait too long for the first visit, this can give any early decay a chance to increase since it has not yet been treated. With Glen Park Dental, you can be sure that your child's oral health is well maintained while growing up to enable them to develop good oral hygiene habits all through adulthood.

How Pediatric Dentistry Works

A child should be able to develop good oral hygiene habits as early as possible. Dental care for babies and toddlers is critical. With our comprehensive expertise, we ensure to provide your child comfortable care and to help them develop an understanding of the importance of proper oral hygiene.

Step 1: Proper Brushing Orientation

On your first visit with us, our dentist will instruct you and your child on how to floss and brush their teeth correctly. They will also inform you of various foods your child can eat to keep tooth decay and gum diseases at bay.

Here at Glen Park Dental, your child's smile is precious to us. That is why we guarantee to provide not only gentle care but also outstanding treatments and professional expertise. We strive to make each appointment one that is enjoyable and positive, while addressing your child’s specific needs.

Step 2: Dental Care

The first step to taking care of your child's dental health is first monitoring their teeth and bite, then performing fluoride treatments. We also conduct regular cleaning and sometimes, if need be, give them a preventative dental sealant to help protect their teeth from decay.

Why Choose Glen Park Dental

We Create a Positive and Comfortable Experience for Your Child 

At Glen Park Dental, you and your child's comfortable care and experience are our utmost priority. We assure you that your child is in a dental health care environment where people care about them and their needs. This means that your child can have a pleasant dental experience and you have nothing to worry about. During the initial visit, parents are welcome and encouraged to join oral hygiene education with their child, so their child's oral health involvement is more productive and helpful. 

We Offer an Individualized Dental Plan Specific to Your Child

During your child’s appointment, we will determine and design a dental plan specific to your kid's needs. We strongly believe that teamwork is everything when it comes to maintaining good oral health in children. Therefore, an effective dental plan curated by your dentists and consistent practice of good oral hygiene by your child at home with your constant involvement all work together for your child's oral and overall health. Our goal is to enable our young patients to ask questions comfortably and strive to achieve optimal oral health proactively.

Benefits of Dental Cleaning

Developing Good Habits

An intensive cleaning may not be what your two-year-old child needs. Still, it is critical to teach your child to develop good oral hygiene habits at an early stage in life so they can incorporate them into adulthood eventually. When visiting the dentist's office, they will teach your child how to floss and hold a toothbrush correctly. They will also provide instructions on how to prevent and spot a cavity.

Keeping a Healthy Mouth

Your child having a clean and healthy mouth is the most apparent benefit of pediatric dentistry. It enables you to keep track of their oral health. It also provides regular professional cleanings, and prevents/detects signs of problems that could likely develop later on.

Help and Support Parents

Home is where oral health starts, or at least should. However, not all parents are able to accurately teach their children proper techniques to keep their teeth clean and healthy. With a regular visit to our office, aside from giving you information on how to keep teeth clean and avoid cavities, we also teach your child how to properly floss and brush their teeth, thus, taking a little responsibility off your shoulder in taking care of your child's dental health. With the knowledge and practice imparted to them, all you have to do is facilitate and encouragingly help with their oral hygiene habits.

Calmer, Happier Kids

When kids do not know what to expect from their dental appointments, they understandably get stressed out. Fortunately, pediatric dentists acknowledge and understand the kids' concerns and are professionally trained to handle them. They work hard to guarantee their young patients' utmost comfort. By ensuring that they are comfortable during their appointments, they are also more likely to be calmer and happier with regards to visiting the dental office moving forward.

Easing Fear

Just as good oral hygiene habits can be formed during childhood, so can fear. The fear of the dentist is quite natural among children who are not used to visiting a dental office. Frequent visits to the dentist can help not just by maintaining their oral health, but by also associating the child with the dental office more and more so that they learn not to fear going to the dentist.

Preventing Decay

Cavities are an initial sign of tooth decay. Regular pediatric dental care provides prevention of tooth decay and gum diseases to prevent the tooth from further and more severe damage in the future.

Monitor Dental Diseases

The advantage of sending a child for a dental check-up early on is that their dentist can keep track of their teeth development. When they develop oral health issues they can be addressed swiftly to prevent worsening of the problem and allowing the dentist to administer less invasive treatment.

Specialized Training

What differentiates pediatric dentists from other dentists is that they are carefully trained to work with young jaws and teeth. Their specialty enables them to provide dental treatments that are relatively safer, more effective, and more comfortable for younger patients. Rest easy, knowing that your little munchkin is in the hands of someone who has the knowledge and skills to take care of their precious smile through adulthood.

Final Words

Dental bridges are false teeth placed to fill in gaps left by the missing tooth. They help maintain gum and bone density, prevent teeth shifting, and further damage to your smile. Having one or two missing teeth is common among people of all ages. In fact, an adult has an average of three or more decayed or missing teeth. Seeking an appropriate replacement is key to restoring a healthy mouth and beautiful smile--and one of the most popular treatment options is the dental bridge. At Glen Park Dental, it is our pleasure to bring back your beautiful smile! Come to our Coquitlam office and learn more about dental bridges and other parallel services you might want to avail, or call schedule an appointment with us today by filling out our Contact Us Form.

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