Use it or lose it: use your dental insurance benefits now!

If you don’t use your dental insurance benefits before December 31st, you will lose them!

November and December bring not only holidays, but also insurance benefit renewal time for most of the companies.

Most dental plans run on a calendar year and have a yearly maximum amount that they’ll pay for both your preventative cleanings and checkups and restorative treatment.  

If you don’t use those dollars by the end of the year, unfortunately you lose them. 

Our primary goal is to provide you with the highest quality dental care and we attempt to apply your dental insurance coverage in a best way without compromising the diagnostics and the care you receive. 

Some things you should know about your insurance plan:

  • What kind of benefit year does your insurance carry (Fiscal/Calendar)
  • Your annual deductible amount
  • Your annual maximum benefit
  • The number of hygiene visits covered per year
  • The number of exams covered per year
  • How often X-rays are allowed
  • The number of fluoride treatments covered per year
  • If you have coverage through multiple insurance companies how do they coordinate coverage with each other

Once you clarify this information, please call us and schedule your check up appointment. 

Our dentists will review your situation and develop a treatment plan. Based on this plan, we will come up with a financial arrangement that allows you to maximize your dental insurance benefits, and achieve the optimal oral health and the beautiful smile of your dreams.

How to schedule today?

We will happily assist you in utilizing your own dental benefits.

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