Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Implant Procedure Really Just a One-Day Surgery?

Yes! Because Dr. Berzin is so invested in technology like cone beam CT scans, he is able to pre-plan the surgery on a specialized computer program and even order pre-drilled surgical guides. By putting so much work into the preparation, Dr. Berzin is able to safely and routinely place multiple implants in one session, returning his patients to their regular routines with new smiles as soon as possible.

How Long Does an Implant Last?

With regular maintenance and check-ups, dental implants can last a lifetime. After the healing phase, a titanium implant may actually be more durable than natural teeth because it is immune to issues like cavities.

How Do I Care for My New Implants?

Dental implants look like natural teeth, feel like natural teeth and are cared for like natural teeth with your toothbrush and toothpaste. Dr. Berzin just asks that you pay special attention to the spaces between teeth as well as the transition to the gums to keep bacteria from getting to the jawbone and causing trouble. Dr. Berzin’s preventive dental assistant will work with you to develop a personalized at-home care routine that’s right for you.

Will I Need a Bone Graft?

Even Dr. Berzin can’t answer that without a consultation. Through a combination of his advanced technology and unparalleled expertise, Dr. Berzin will determine if your bone requires augmentation via a graft to facilitate implant placement. Bone grafting may be performed prior to implant placement or in conjunction with implant placement.

If I Am a Diabetic Can I Be a Candidate for Implants?

Yes. However, because Dr. Berzin wants the best for your overall health, not just your teeth, your diabetes must be well controlled. Otherwise, it may adversely affect the healing process. If there is any doubt, Dr. Berzin may consult with your family doctor to make sure your best interests are being taken care of.

What Are Implants Made Of?

Dr. Berzin favours implants that are made of surgical-grade titanium, because not only is titanium extremely safe and easily accepted by the human body, it also becomes firmly integrated into the bone tissue to provide the strongest, most natural foundation for dental implants. It’s for these same reasons that titanium has long been recognized as the best option in other medical areas, such as prosthetic joint technology.

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