Patient Images – CBCT Scans

3D Cone Beam Imaging… Revolutionizing Patient Imaging

In our ongoing commitment to providing the best possible care, we have recently added the state-of-the-art Carestream 9300 3D Cone Beam CT scanner and imaging system to our practice. This will help revolutionize patient imaging and allow us to complete the full diagnostic imaging and exam process under our roof.

This versatile system delivers a full range of dental imaging requirements. It delivers superior 2D panoramic radiographs, which are the foundation of most cases, but more importantly, it offers us an advanced capability of 3D imaging of the available bone for implant cases. It can also aid in diagnosis of otherwise undetectable problems like cracked teeth or pathology.

Advanced Implant Placement

The success, or ultimately the failure of a dental implant, is based on a number of factors. An important factor that contributes to implant failure is improper implant placement. This generally happens because of an inadequate diagnosis of the available bone. In order to precisely diagnose available bone dimensions and bone mass, conventional radiology just isn’t enough.

This new system will provide Dr. Berzin with fast, accurate, 3D imaging capabilities and high-resolution images of the head, bone and teeth with unprecedented detail. All of this allows for impeccable accuracy during complex treatment planning. With this information, Dr. Berzin is able to extensively pre-plan his surgery. Eliminating any unexpected complications during the surgical visit is a priority for implant success. This increases precision and reduces surgery time, resulting in faster healing and improving success for our patients.

Improved Patient Safety

Cone Beam CT technology significantly reduces our patients’ exposure to radiation. As this is a digital system, the amount of radiation is approximately 94% less for any of the images we need to obtain, compared to conventional CT systems. As an added benefit, images are quicker to perform and Dr. Berzin has the ability to focus on the exact area that requires the scan, which means less x-rays in the future.

The system’s open design makes the process more comfortable and minimizes any feelings of claustrophobia. Patients can elect to stand or be seated during the imaging process.

Dental Implants in Just One Day

The advanced diagnostic and treatment planning capabilities of the Carestream 9300 Cone Beam CT technology will help Dr. Berzin to offer same-day implants for cases that may have required multiple appointments. The pre-operative, pre-planning capability eliminates any guesswork for even the most complex implant cases. Our patients will be delighted to learn that they can have functional, permanent teeth—all in just one day. That is something to smile about.